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. lawmakers on capitol hill expressing doubts about a deal with iran to slow its nuclear weapons program. representing the framework on how to implement a six-month nuclear dear in november. and it would go into effect next monday, january 20. under that agreement aranda will limit its uranium enrichment to 5%, commonly used to power reactors and it would stop producing 20% enriched uranium which is just a step away from weapons grade. iran will also promote experts to carry out daily inspections of its nuclear facilities and programs. the united states and the european union will ease the sanctions on iran some $4.2 billion in what has been blocked in banks and other accounts. all in all the officials say that the sanctions released will total about $7 billion for the next six months in negotiations to continue on a long-lasting deal. something that secretary of state john kerry says will be tough to reach. >> we were very clear about the greater challenges that we face in negotiating. we understand that it will be a tough negotiation and we are very clear about what will be required in
pointed out, claimed so much blood and treasure. and we have left a country a trap neighbor iran and vulnerability for the united states again that shouldn't be there. >> you are saying it has turned out it has not been worth it? >> not because of the bravery on the battlefield. >> no, i understand that. >> a war i was in a long time ago. because of the failures of this administration to close the bilateral security agreement that had already been negotiated. in 2011 they walked away from it on your show and several others on fox i said this is going to be a disaster. not because i have the gift of prophecy but you could see where it was headed at that point. >> all right. we didn't -- it didn't happen. now we're in a situation where we have two al qaeda flags flying over rammedy and fallujah where we have lost 100 soldiers i think just in fallujah alone in 2004. what would you do now? what is there to be -- what can we say to the families? two things, that what do we say to the families now and what do we do? >> the sacrifice they made for each other is certainly still there and
it is time to lift sanctions on iran. the ceremony attended by dignitaries from around the globe. going home with a golden globe. the stars came out to shine and we will have all the highlights. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. new restrictions on iran's nuclear program will be put into place. this comes after striking a that mightdeal actually be implemented. it is seen as an encouraging sign and a comprehensive deal could be reached. president obama warned that there are still many steps ahead. will be difficult and challenging but this is how diplomacy should work. if iran is willing to walk , and ifthe opportunity they fail, we are in a position to reverse any interim agreement. putting in place additional pressure to make sure iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon. exclusive interview with cnbc, dubai's roller has made his most outspoken remarks yet. >> do you believe the time is right to lift sanctions against iran? >> i think so. really, it is our neighbor. if they left sanctions, everybody will benefit. enough, thatone sanctions sho
on sanctions against iran. these are being blocked from votes in the united states senate. but what we're seeing are additional regulations coming out of this president that are making it harder and more expensive for the private sector to put people to work which is why the polling shows -- >> so what's wrong with america is president obama, is that right, senator cardin? >> and every opportunity you've had, the republicans have had, they've tried to block this administration from getting things done. they've tried to take the environmental protection agency, take the resources away from it, put restrictions on what they can do. there's a denial about climate change. there was a rider that said the administration couldn't regulate carbon even though the courts have already ruled on this issue. there's been the relitigation of the affordable care act even though it's the law of the land. there's been no -- >> the president doesn't act like it's the law of the land. >> there's been no cooperation whatsoever. let me just give you one example of a contrast here. when medicare part d was p
on sanctions against iran implementing the deal to curb iran's nuclear program. in exchange for some relief from crippling sanctions, president obama has threatened to veto any new sanctions approved by congress. the political crisis in thailand has entered a new phase. on monday, antigovernment protestors brought part of bangkok to a standstill. part of an effort to get the prime minister, yingluck shinawatra to an step down. >> set up stages and settled in. on monday they kicked off their self proclaimed shutdown of the thai capital, home of some 12 million people. >> melissa burke flew in from gergermany. >> we don't care who will lead us in the future just as long as they are not corrupt. >> protestors say their shutdown will last at least 15 days. >> there is no doubt that they have achieved an immediate goal, disruption in central bangkok. but it's unclear how this will help them achieve their long term goal of unseating yingluck shinawatra. government the keeping a close watch on the mass gatherings. the prime minister spent most of the day in meetings with her top advisories. the op
, republicans and democrats, to back off on any new sanctions against iran. this comes in the afterglow of his just-finished deal with iran aimed at curbing its nuclear program. >> both iran and the u.s. hailed the implementation of the phase deal finalized yesterday. set to take place on the 23rd. >> this interim agreement is the result of concerted international action, including unprecedented sanctions. it's going to be difficult. it's going to be challenging, but ultimately, this is how diplomacy should look. >> negotiators russia and china, iran's strongest allies, won more technical concessions at the 11th hour, that iran face no limitation to continue researching. it leaves iran free to develop centrifuges to process uranium. >> centrifuges that have no other purpose than to build a nuclear weapon and enrich uranium. >> consensus is building as a grub of bipartisan democrats and republicans line up to impose sanctions after six months if iran cheats. >> anyone who trusts iran really hasn't been paying attention for the past 30 years. they cheat, they lie, and cannot be trusted. it's san
where ariel sharon may have found peace. >> but the land is still waiting >> ifill: in iran, reformists welcomed a plan to scale back the country's nuclear program in exchange for easing sanctions. hard-liners have rejected the deal, calling it a "poisoned chalice". meanwhile, u.s. and russian leaders working on a syrian peace deal announced today that the syrian government, and elements of the opposition, will allow humanitarian aid into the country. we'll examine iran's role in syria and on the nuclear agreement later in the program. >> ifill: anti-government protesters in thailand tried today to shut down bangkok. they want to derail elections set for next month, and force prime minister yingluck shinawatra from office. the protesters seized key intersections in the heart of the capital, blowing whistles, waving flags and even spreading out picnics. but, they insisted, they won't go away >> ( translated ): whoever is thinking about negotiations, compromise, hoping for a win-win situation, a win for both sides; i tell you now there is no win- win, there can only be one winner. eithe
. iran's interim nuclear deal will take effect a week from today after being finalized with six world powers, including the u.s. ae two sides agreed to timeline for a limitation on sunday after reaching agreement in november. iran will receive partial sanctions relief in return for slowing nuclear operations and capping uranium enrichment at 5%. john kerry said the ensuing talks to reach a final agreement will be a far greater challenge. aboutare very clear eyed the even greater challenges that we face in negotiating the comprehensive agreement. we understand it will be a tough negotiation and we are very clear about what will be required in order to be able to guarantee to the international community that this is a peaceful program. the negotiations will be very difficult, but they're the best chance that we have to be able to resolve this critical national security issue peacefully and durably. >> as part of the agreement, iran will receive sanctions relief or that $27 billion. $559itial installment of in frozen oil revenue will be released next month. in international peace confere
bring together this -- the opposition and the regime. >> on a visit to lebanon, iran's -- er the iranian government announced the foreign would visit moscow this thursday to discuss its nuclear program and the war in syria. the u.n. and arab league envoy, the u.s. and russia met in paris this monday ahead of the planned peace talks in nine days' time. iran's art is a patient is a sticking point. the country has long supported syrian president bashar al-assad -- iran's participation is a sticking point. the country has long supported syrian president bashar al- assad. >> iran is a very important country in the region. it has to be present at a conference like this. >> but for u.s. secretary of state john kerry, he says iran is only welcome if it agrees to the geneva i communiquÉ that stipulates the need for a transitional government that suits both sides. for the u.s., that means without bashar al-assad. for russia, that shouldn't be a precondition. >> but iran has yet to state whether or not it supports implementing the geneva i communiquÉ, which calls for nothing more than the mutual
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iran? how do they figure in? can they overcome their differences? >> russia has been clear that they want iran to be a part of this. they have softened their approach to the participation, saying that they can move forward if they agree to the geneva one, which calls for political truncation in syria. the prime minister responded by saying that they would reject any preconditions in the talks. iran's participation is still a sticking point. >> one of many, right now, it appears. marcel, thanks very much. >> no let up to the bloodshed in iraq, where 25 people were killed and 76 were wounded as for car bombs hit tag dad. >> detonating in a predominantly shia area, the attacks are being blamed on al qaeda linked sunni militants intent on destabilizing their government. >> of violent power struggle continues in south sudan between government troops and rebels behind the former vi president. >> hundreds of thousands have fled the fighting. government troops seem to have the momentum at the moment. they were able to retake a strategic oil-producing town on friday. the people ther
-maliki, western cities of fallujah and ra ramadi, pushingr new sanction he against iran, this comes a day after iran and six world powers reached agreement on implementing a deal reached in november to curb iran's nuclear program, iran has agreed to start implementing the deal on monday. following relief from curriculum are ling sanctions. powx has vowed to block any sanctions provided by congress. calling for the release of al jazeera staff mccain tweeted totally agree. producers mohamed fahmy and mohamed baher and peter greste, are accused of joining a terrorist group. al jazeera claim that is totally groundless. two other members have been held for three months now. >>> parts of capitol bangkok to a standstill, blockaded several intersections, part of an effort to get the prime minister to quit before elections in feb. al jazeera scott hydeler has more from bangkok. >> thousands of antigovernment protestors are massed at seven massive intersections in bangkok. they have set up stages and settled in. on monday they kicked off their self proclaimed shutdown.the thai capital home to about 12 mi
you so much. >> jake, thanks so much. >>> coming up next on "the lead," iran now on the clock. a date set for the start of an historic nuclear deal but could some members of congress hit the reset but the ton on the presid? plus, plot lines that strayed a little too far from the truth. which are more hollywood than fact? in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. and my parachute definitely isn't golden. [ male announcer ] for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage, which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as $50. isn't it time you discovered the sleep number bed? because only the sleep number bed offers dual air technology that lets two people find the perfect balance of comfort and support for their bodies. their sleep number setting. ok, right there. and only the sleep number bed is clinically proven to relie
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the lows at the end of the session. overall the deal with iran has a lot of people thinking a lot more about supplies and the fact that we also are producing here perhaps getting close to a million barrels a day in north dakota. we've seen fund managers cut their net long positions when it comes to brent, nymex and gasoline. nat gas rallying. traders saying participants in the market don't want to be short ahead of the inventory number expecting it to be a record after the polar vortex. and gold the worst year since the 1980s in that big decline. looking pretty good going into the new year. funds have boosted their net long positions by 18% so far this year. bill and kelly? >> all right. so a little bit of a pick up. thank you so much, bertha. gold corp is on the move on the back of that. that stock up nearly 6% so far in the new year. >> plus the company is announcing an offer to acquire fellow miner cisco for $2.6 billion. is this a golden opportunity? how come i get these and you don't? joining us exclusively once again charles geness the ceo of gold corp. >> appr
assaults, completing yucca mountain, sanctioninsanctioning iran, othl concerns. no votes on unemployment compensation, thousand put unemployed america to work. the senate has become a tuesda tuesday-thursday club. one reason this is tolerated is that 43 senators are in this -- in their first term, 43 senators in their first term. most of them in the majority. they've never served in the minority. they've never seen the senate function properly, the way it's functioned for most of its 200-plus year history. most importantly, those senators in their first term didn't hear senator byrd's final address when, among other things, he said that any majority leader could run the senate under the then-existing rules. i ask consent to include following my remarks an article from the "wall street journal" on last friday on this subject. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. alexander: in an important address last week, senator mcconnell, the senator from kentucky, the republican leader, described three ways to restore the senate. full committee consideration of bills; bills thor rohr will he
two iranian nuclear sites. under an agreement on january 20, iran's nuclear program will come to a stop for the first time in decades. here is more on that now. >> it was a busy weekend. -- thatd us that they it fell short of what they need to investigate. do you need? and if they do not have the access to do this properly, what you say to those in congress arguing for greater sanctions? >> i have not actually seen the iaea comments. on january 20, when the joint plan of action is implemented, we are going to have the most access we have ever had to these types. these daily inspector access. access in iraq. the iaea is taking the lead on verifying and confirming what the iranians confirmed to doing. i think it is significant to note that for the first time in almost a decade next week the iranian program will come to a halt. in terms of the congressional aspect of this, i think the fact a concrete, taken tangible step in implementing this agreement. all the things you mentioned, stopping 20% enrichment -- all the things they have committed to will start happening on t
and seven. us secretary of state john kerry says the next stage in talks with iran on its peak of the program will be very difficult. kerry's comments come on stream at the announcement and the interim deal signed with wilco is designed to create space to reach a comprehensive package would take effect and generate twenty eight. we are very clear on it. about the even greater challenges we face in negotiating a comprehensive agreement we understand to be a tough negotiation. and we are very clear about what will be required in order to be able to guarantee to the international community this is a peaceful progress the negotiations will be very difficult. but there are the best chance we have to be able to resolve this critical national security issue peacefully and durable it senior officials from the european union and iran makes in geneva last week i knelt remaining practical questions related to the implementation of the nave and the twenty fourth deal between iran and the west. under the agreement iran will have higher level of uranium in richmond to attend to some relief f
're following. a week from today a new agreement regarding iran's nuclear facilities will go into effect starting january 20th tehran agreed to limit uranium enrichment in exchange for relief from sanctions. international experts will be allowed to do bail inspections. republicans have their doubts about whether it will work. eric cantor released a statement saying "the underlying agreement does not to reduce iran's nuclear program. allows it to continue industrial scale enrichment of uranium and fails to address critical aspects of iran's weaponization research." nbc news foreign correspondent is here in the studio with us. always a treat to have you in the flesh. let's start in the simplest of terms here, what has iran agreed to stop doing under this landmark agreement that was reached in november and what are the chances of reaching a more comprehensive agreement? >> the comprehensive agreement will really now begin on january 20th. once everything is frozen in place. that goes back to the issue you just asked about. back in november, iran agreed to freeze its enrichment offu uranm an
are equally responsible for the atrocities committed that i will also seen a slight shift on iran since though a lot about breaking the un special envoy on syria and sergei lavrov. people were saying that the water see that the iran taking part in the geneva to conferences is a key player in the region this was something that the us was previously a guess but now according to the us secretary of state washington wouldn't mind seeing sarah and there. at geneva to this it's the us supports the agreements reached earlier outside the geneva one. now mr lavrov also said that to the authorities and syria have now confirmed that the party to take part in the conference although one of the sticking points right now is that it's very un known whether or not the opposition is planning to do the same although we all are possibly witnessing now up the positives. then this is somewhat of a positive tendency when it comes to the relationship between the abilities that unravels in separate debate about possible exchanges of prisoners and allowing humanitarian aid to get in but according to sergei lavrov righ
stories. prisoner exchange. goodwill nature ahead o ahead oe syrian peace summit but will iran be there? >> we would welcome iran's presence if iran is coming to participate for the purposes of the conference. >> a final farewell, ariel sharon is put to rest. >> news from europe, including britain's prime minister announces fracking, shale-gash rush. >>> and remembering those who died aboard the costa concordia two years after the ship ran aground. >> it's just nine days until a summit to try and end the fighting in syria. it's still not known whether the internationally recognized opposition group will attend, and, inside syria, al qaeda linked fighters are the ones making gains now. there's also disagreement among the terms, iran should attend but now at a meeting in paris, u.s. and russia have come up with some goodwill gestures. they've agreed to push the syrian government to create humanitarian corridors and ease the flow of aid to areas most affected by fighting. they also want a cease fire around aleppo, the heaviest city focus of fighting lately. pushing for prisoner exchanges b
is down 32 cents. comex gold up modestly. investors watching for a final deal with iran over its nuclear program. they got that final deal. that's what had been affecting the oil market. the gold market saw a slight bid in it as we saw the dow jones industrial average sell off. we will keep a very close eye at the final trade. ty, back to you. >> thank you very much. >>> what do you call a group of top ceos? a gander, a pod, a flock? a cluster? whatever you call it, we have a lot of them on cnbc today and they were all basically singing the same kind of tune on the economy. our senior economics reporter steve liesman here with what the leaders of some of america's biggest companies are saying about their outlook for the year. >> senior bird watcher. yeah. america's top ceos on cnbc today were singing the same tune about the economic outlook. it was an upbeat song. unfortunately, it does contrast a bit with the song being sung by ordinary americans who continue to sing some variant of the blues. >> when you're going to hire another 11,000 employees worldwide, another 5,000 employees to su
designed to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons and it's set to take effect a week from today. but a push for more sanctions could derail that, at least that's what the obama administration is suggesting. we'll have the very latest right after this. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. >>> top israeli officials and leaders gathered today to pay their respects to ariel sharon. >> 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 -- >> mourners remembered the former israeli prime minister as a towering military and political figure. the vice president, joe biden, led the u.s. delegation. he praised sharon for his tenacity and described him as a complex man. sharon died saturday after spending eight years in a coma. the israeli president perez says sharon contributed, in his words, an unforgettable chapter to the history of the jewish state. >>> the effort to prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon faces a critical test, starting a week from today. ir
news minute. iran agreeing to a start date for the interim nuclear deal it struck in november with the u.s. and five other world powers. iran says it will begin scaling back its nuclear program for at least six months starting on monday. that include eliminating some of its stockpile of highly-enriched uranium. >>> more hot water for new jersey governor chris christie. the feds are now reportedly investigating the republican's sues of -- use of super storm sandy relief funds, specifically whether he improperly used money to produce tourism ads that starred him and his family. this is after at start after federal probe related to a political revenge spot. >>> only one game remains the four teams to the super bowl team. broncos defeated charges for and take on the patriots for the afc crown. and 49ers take on the seahawks fund night. back to you. ashley: patti ann browne, thank you very much. >> thank you. ashley: a sports story with a lot of headlines. attorneys for alex rodriguez filing injunction to stop a season-long suspension from major league baseball after tony bosch sup
this character. >> thank you so much, adam. hope the reward brings him in. >>> can iran be trusted? president obama said a nuclear deal with iran is the best bet to keep nukes out of iran's hands. if that is the case, former iran negotiator and author of ticking on iran and, sir, welcome. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> the administration is pushing hard back against congress to prevent new sanctions levelled against teheran. what is the logic for the administration and president not to go forward with more sanctions now? what makes sense there and what is happening? >> secretary kerry's statement today accuses people who support sanctions of politics and i think that that is far from the truth. people who believe in negotiating, still believe that sanctions got us to the table with iran in an effective manner and support sanctions because it is not politic, but pressure, and pressure is needed for diplomacy for a state like iran. >> i understand the logic but why the push back? does it make sense that there is something happening behind the scenes with negotiating with syria
of authority to do that. >> start the clock, the limited nuclear agreement with iran takes effect one week from today. will it buy enough time for negotiators to reach a more comprehensive deal? >> negotiates will be very difficult. but they are the best chance that we have to be able to resolve this critical national security issue peacefully and variably. >> finally -- and good as gold. i was listening for them to laugh. it was hollywood's biggest night, did tina and amy steal the show? >> matt dameon is here from behind the candle abra. on any other nature in any other room you would be a big deal. but tonight, don't take this the wrong way, you're basically a garbage person. >> good monday, i'm peter alexander live in washington and for my friend andrea mitchell, a new week begins with a new set of problems for new jersey governor chris christie. state subpoenas and investigative committee and federal audit, more national headlines. joining me now for our daily fix is chris cillizza and live in trenton, new jersey, nbc's kelly o'donne o'donnell. kelly, today we learned there's
summit but will iran be there? >> we would welcome iran's presence if iran is coming to participate for the purposes of the
do you think will have the capabilities shortly? iran? russia? >> germany has been claiming since 2011, now the new defense minister says i don't know. you look at a lot of the deadlines when people say they're going the to have drones, they don't meet them. and there are a lot of people who make claims about having drones like the iranians, i don't believe half of what they say. >> do you think the pakistanis have a drone? >> not armed capabilities, no. but you will see this capability used in regional disputes, because the one thing we learned from the u.s. uses of drones in other states is they lower the threshold for when civilians will decide to authorize military force. people do things with drones like iran does in the persian gulf where they both try to, there's electronic warfare against u.s. predators in the persian gulf all the time. there have been a series of iranian attempted shootdowns of predator drones. they don't do this against manned aircraft. drones are seen as an acceptable way to poke at the united states. so drones have the capabilities to destabilize in wa
forward, two steps back, in the push to get iran's nuclear deal under way. on the one hand, tehran is set to start eliminating some of its uranium stockpile one week from today. but right now, washington lawmakers, they're preparing to slap iran with new sanctions. that is a potential deal-breaker. want to bring in our own jim sciutto to talk about it, national correspondent from washington. and jim, this looks like this is not going to be a fight that is really winnable here. it looks like it's going to get quite ugly. the president on one side threatening to veto any sanctions against iran. but you have some lawmakers were both sides who pretty adamant these sanctions need to be in place. >> reporter: yeah, this is a problem. a sharp difference of opinion. historic agreement negotiated in november and now it's going to kick in a week from today. you've got the iaea, dialing back its nuclear program. members of the senate both from the republican, democratic side say in effect you can't trust iran. so to keep the pressure up on this deal, let's add new sanctions now, pass new legislation
honors an apostle of nonviolence, dr. martin luther ing jr., iran will begin reducing its nuclear stockpile. this important action is part of an international agreement to begin implementing the interim joint plan of action that was announced in november. hope for a nonviolent resolution of our conflict with iran will appropriately advance on a day that honors nonviolence. some in congress have been unwilling to accept these negotiations or to acknowledge that the administration has been successful in uniting other countries around the world in enforcing sanctions against iran. indeed, what appears to have been largely a partisan outcry, some of our colleagues condemn the november agreement late on the saturday night when it was announced without knowing what was in it other than that president obama had approved it. as a member myself who has consistently voted here to impose tough economic sanctions on iran, i believe that these sanctions have worked. the choice is not between sanctions and no sanctions, it is between recognizing that our sanctions have the potential to realize
of authority to do that. >> start the clock, the limited nuclear agreement with iran takes effect one week from today. will it buy enough time for negotiators to reach a more comprehensive deal? >> negotiates will be very difficult. but they are the best chance that we have to be able to resolve this critical national security issue peacefully and variably. >> finally -- and good as gold. i was listening for them to laugh. it was hollywood's biggest night, did tina and amy steal the show? >> matt dameon is here from behind the candle abra. on any other nature in any other room you would be a big deal. but tonight, don't take this
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, and russia push for a peace summit. but will iran thereby? >> we would welcome iran's participation if iran is coming to participant for the purpose of the conference. >> the final farewell, ariel sharon is laid to rest in the negev desert. >> i'm lauren taylor with the news from europe including europe's prime minister new support for fracking. and marking the second anniversary of the cost can concordia crash with the ship still waiting to be removed. >> it is just nine days for a summit to try to end the fighting in syria, but many observers are not expecting to achieve much. inside syria al-qaeda linked fighters are making gan gains. now the meeting in russia have come up with some good-will gestures. they've agreed to push the syrian government to ease the flow of aid most affected by firing. they also want a cease-fire around aleppo around the city and focus on the most heaviest fighter. and there is been an agreement to push for prisoner exchanges between the government and opposition groups. let's go live to paris where that meeting is being held. what do you make of the tone then o
on a new deal with iran over its nuclear program. the six-month interim agreement starts next monday. iran promises to limit its nuclear effort and dilute its highly enriched uranium. in exchange the united states and other world power also start to loosen economic sanctions. next month negotiators will reportedly start work on a final agreement. it could take effect in june. >>> this morning, "american hustle" is one of the clear front-runners for the oscar race. it won big at last night's golden globe award, as nancy o'dell shows us. the ceremony brought plenty of surprises. >> where's the envelope? >> reporter: the golden globes have been known for the fun and spontaneity. last night, they went a little littlelittle little haywire. jacqueline bisette was overcome with emotion. jonah hill had a good reason for looking like a deer in the headlights. >> i'm not going to lie to you, right now, they put up the wrong stuff on the teleprompter. >> yeah. >> reporter: and a last-minute carpet crisis before showtime. a broken sprinkler flooded the red carpet. thanks for the
report being brushed off as an be a bir tion -- abirition. >>> roip has agreed to scale -- iran has agreed to zale back the nuclear program starting a week from today in exchange for an easing of economic sanctions. secretary of state john kerry announced the interim nuclear deal is agreed to by iran and six world powers. under the deal, iran agrees to limit uranium enrichment to not be enough for a bomb. the current agreet is only for -- agreement is only good for six months giving time to work out a long-term deal. >>> this is john kerry using potatoes as a diplomatic tool in paris. he presented the russian foreign minister with a gift of two huge idaho potatoes. kerry said the foreign minister had mentioned idaho potatoeses in a recent conversation the two had. so he thought it would be a nice gift. it was a light moment about how to resolve the conflict in sayia. an issue the u.s. and russia won't always agree on. >>> robert gates says he stands by everything he wrote in his new book due to be released tomorrow. in the memoir, gates writes about serving in the administrations of
and businesses do remain closed. meanwhile, overseas, a milestone in the nuclear standoff with iran. they've now agreed to open their nuclear facilities to daily inspection beginning next week. in exchange of relief from financial sanctions that have crippled their economy. >>> an upset in the sports world overnight. venus williams suffered a frustrating loss in the first round of the australian open just as fans were hoping to see her return to form after several injuries. >>> and this morning, we have a final four in the nfl. peyton manning and the broncs held off a late surge by the chargers. wouldn't go quietly. now the broncos host tom brady and the patriots. what do you know, brady v. manning. the winner will go to the super bowl. meanwhile, the 49ers will be traveling to seattle to face the seahawks after the niners' rather easy win over carolina sunday. but san francisco will have to contend again with the loudest stadium in the country. seahawks fans generated a small earthquake during a touchdown run this weekend. the quake, you can in fact see there. scientists believe it broke the re
, chris. >>> checking the news feed, clock starts on a six-month deal for iran's nuclear program. iran will cut back on enrichment efforts and in return, economic sanctions will be rolled back. the ultimate goal is to use the six-month period to negotiate a longer term deal. >>> u.s. lawmakers working on a bill to impose tougher sanctions on iran, and over the weekend, president obama says if that happens, he'll veto it. >>> right now, the supreme court is hearing arguments over president obama's recess appointments. were they legal or did they violate the constitution? the contentious part goes back to january 2012 when senate republicans refused to allow votes on two key obama nominees. republican senators tried some procedural maneuvering to stop the president from making the appointments, but he did it anyway. it's a huge constitutional case that we will be watching very closely. >>> both the faa and ntsb now investigating why a southwest airlines flight landed at the wrong airport last night. the flight was supposed to touch down at branson airport in missouri, instead, it landed
. with respect to nuclear issue there have been told is between iran and the united states for a stake to the fact that american forces on. in the room. their act it says i'm convinced that the syrian crisis is just as important an issue as iran's nuclear program. and in my opinion. every country they can help in this situation such as saudi arabia prince and should be about respect to human tonight. i would like to cite as you yourself pointed out. unfortunately they lost all five groups and the opposition movement is not a unified front seats emo. therefore students. you never know. that old. a multitude of small groups such as the islamic studies human time the islamic from soulful so small. organize nations people. when fight is moving from one faction to another according to how much i doubt i need to have a lot of is to loosen rings. when you can add to the islamic front. i am calling on the floor and is to come and join them this is the only pitfall. usually just talking about the is its proposition as being able to pull off sale. chad is this misguided option in a week on rea
who resigned when president carter was going to try to rescue the hostages in iran never went out and criticized him. more than that, if he didn't like it, why did he stay? why didn't he speak up? what about his obligation to the men and women that he talks to movingly in the book if that's how he felt. i give you one example where he's dead wrong. obama when he announced that he was going to add roughly the 70,000 troops with the two that he did, he went to west point and said i'm going to be out in two years, and the military commanders, he asked him, do you support that? they all said yes. then he finds out general petraeus is telling the press, no he didn't, no. they should have spoken up then. again, i'm not sure what this accomplishes in terms of what he's trying to do other than protect his own reputation. >> we should say that the national security council has responded to excerpts in the book, specific by about vice president biden. they said: >> kevin, how do you see this? who is right here? >> who is right about what? >> the vice president specifically. >> well, you kno
following the iran deal set to begin january 20th, easing sanctions on iran but not put iranian oil back in the market right away. we are seeing oil lower across the board. but funds have gotten a bit more bearish on oil. last week cftc reporting funds cut net long positions on wti nymex crude by 9.5%. gasoline, by 12%. demand not meeting up on those numbers. as far as nat gas, outlier and looking better, holding up above $4 as we have seen the forecast for the second half of january. now become more bullish for nat gas with more cold weather forecast, despite the fact that we are expecting warnl temperatures on the east coast this afternoon. back to you. >> thanks so much. here what's next on "squawk on the street." >> coming up, are you having trouble paddling through the market? well, you are certainly not alone. cramer's here to help you stay afloat. six stocks in 60 seconds. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan, in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. becau
the nuclear ambitions of iron. >> reporter: still strong support on the hill for sanctions against iran which we're told could ruin the entire agreement. more after the break. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. it's just common sense. it says here that increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disease. keep heart-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shredded wheat. doctors recommend it. righyou did a great job. ing 4 times it looks good!ints... ♪ wonder he's fueling up. enjoy our free hot breakfast options and up to 4 times the hhonors points on your next stay. feel the hamptonality
much. bill: has to be running thin down there. president obama saying nuclear iran deal will take effect next monday a week from today. iran is supposed to limit its nuclear activities in exchange for easing of economic sanctions. secretary of state john kerry calling this a milestone moment. >> as of that day, january 20th, the first time in almost a decade iran's nuclear program will not be able to advance. in fact parts of it will be rolled back while we start negotiating a comprehensive a aagreement to address the international community's concerns about iran's nuclear program. bill: in the meantime republican senator john barrasso leading the push to keep up the pressure on new sanctions. he is not alone too. a lot of democrats believe exactly what he's doing. this in the face of a white house veto threat. senator barrasso our guest in 21 minutes. martha: and a fox news alert now. the credit card security breach we told you about over the holidays is now looking like it might be a lot bigger than originally thought. reports now at least five major stores, not just target were
. >>> 6:09 on monday, iran agrees to limit nuclear operations in exchange for lifting sanctions. coming up what that deal is supposed to accomplish. >> and coming up a plane lands at the wrong airport, where they landed instead. >> and we will talk about the weather coming up. >> and the metering lights were turned on in the bay bridge plaza and we will check your morning commute later, but first we want to show what drives you crazy, send us an e- mail there or tweet me right here and watch right here if your question gets answered on air. ,,,,,,,,,,,, when it's time to talk security for your business.. talk to the business security leader. tyco integrated security. we'll do a security review of your business to understand your needs, customize an integrated solution that meets your specific challenges. and deliver it all with responsive local service, and a personal passion to help you protect your business. we'll even give you the power to manage it all... right from the palm of your hand. call us for a free security review. tyco integrated security. safer. smarter. tyco. of unexpecte
iran the county. and looking at the traffic map still see some slowing starting to build then on the e shore freeway with a drive time now at 19 minutes. 680 southbound has this coming down through concord from 242 east sleety extent lot of great treats. the accident in alum rock and 101 has cleared up some residual slowing through south san jose. i don't think the back up will continue to grow now that the accident has cleared in your ride through marin county starts to slow from just north of 37 southbound coming down from rowland. the drive time now is 37 minutes from the golden gate bridge street >>darya: new this morning tyson foods is recalling 34,000 lbs. of chicken products because it may be contaminated with salmonella. the usda says chicken from tyson is linked to an outbreak of illness at a tennessee prison. seven inmates got sick to of them are hospitalized. tyson says the recalled chicken was produced october 11th but it only went to institutional customers. it was not sold in grocery stores. a california chicken farmer has shut down because of a cockroach infestation last
on this busy monday. we'll have the latest on the iran nuclear deal, the recovery effort on the chemical spill in west virginia, a preview of florida '13, even a little "american hustle." let's get to the first reads. for new jersey governor chris christie, last week's obsessive scrutiny of the bridge scandal wasn't the beginning of the end. it looks like the end of the beginning. he will deliver his state of the state address, and another mea culpa will be unavoidable given who his audience is. his star power will be tested when he headlines three fund-raisers for florida governor rick scott in ft. lauderdale, west palm beach, and orlando. it's his first big campaign swing since taking the reins of the republican governors association, and it doesn't get any bigger than the state of florida and that governor's race. and in a sign of how any new revelations could follow him to florida, state senate president don goetz, one of the highest ranking republicans in the state, quipped to "national journal," i just hope he doesn't snarl up traffic on the pensacola bridge. hardy-har. remember, christi
to the conference, perhaps the biggest question being iran and whether it will actually come. >> russia wants iran to be there. it is a crucial, key element. if you have the saudis around the table -- and we say this has become a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran, if you're going to have saudi arabia there, you way,iran there in some shape, or form. john kerry trying to pointedly answer those questions. we have no problem with iran going. but they have to be ready to implement the agreement made in the so-called geneva i back in july, 2012. it was the famous round of talks which was the latest parameters for a transitional government. the u.s. says that would be a government without the charlotte sought -- without bashar al- assad. that is something the russians and iranians are not on board with now. >> thanks so much for that. just aeva talks are now few days away. staying with iran, a date has been set for the start of the landmark deal on its disputed land -- disputed nuclear deal, that is january 20, one week from today. they should begin diluting their stockpile of enriched uranium. in
miller coming up in the next hour. ♪ >> january 20, that is the day that iran will be scheduled to freeze its nuclear program. that is part of the deal announced in november. there was much criticism. alix steel will tell us about what is not in the deal. >> i feel like i am channeling tom keene. the standout of what was not in the deal is twofold. one, it avoided the conversation about what to do about centrifuge. you have centrifuges for enriched uranium. that is one concern. the other is the plutonium facility. iran is connecting r&d. they are still allowed to work on the plutonium facility. is this bogus? what is good? >> such a negative nelly. >> these are two big issues that have not been addressed. >> you're right. there's the other side, which is that the iranians are not getting much. they are still well over one million barrels to date. the economy is getting screwed down. this was a very big deal compared to nothing. the very fact that they shook hands -- they had a phone call, that was a big deal. having the diplomats meet and having a foreign minister -- the fact that they ca
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